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Take out the guesswork with a bespoke training plan that has been developed according to your individual goals and movement analysis.

Enjoy a new program every month that will keep you challenged, engaged and most importantly, achieve results! 


How it works - 

Upon our initial meeting via phone or FaceTime we will go through a movement analysis and discuss your goals and current lifestyle in depth. 

Your Bespoke Program - 

This is not some generic program it is designed based on all the information I have before me and harnessing over 15 years experience along with the science to create your bespoke program. Once I've reviewed it, it will be a shared document on google docs with links to all the exercises attached via YouTube.

Accountability - 

Daily support via instant messaging, weekly email check ins, monthly phone/FaceTime to review your new program and a video exercise library all to keep you accountable and on track to achieving your goals. 


$99 Monthly Includes:


▪️ Onboarding call and movement analysis 


▪️ Bespoke training program 


▪️ Exercise library 


▪️ Weekly email check ins


▪️Monthly program update and review 


▪️ Exercise technique correction via video message 


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