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Greg Kafalian

I grew up idolising Arnold Schwarzenegger and my love for body building and exercise ignited as a teenager and I spent every day after school training in the gym. One of my favourite books was “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s: Encyclopaedia of Bodybuilding” and I would watch training videos on YouTube at any opportunity I could. 

I am originally from Newcastle and decided early on that I wanted to become a personal trainer so I moved to Sydney in 2007 and received my Certificate 4 in Fitness before working at Fitness First in the Sydney CBD where my Personal Training journey began. Along the way I have invested so much of my time and energy into enhancing and mastering my skillset as a personal trainer (PT). I have worked alongside many of the best PT’s in the industry, been mentored and coached by one of Sydney’s best exercise physiologist Dr Tony Boutagy at the Boutagy Fitness Institute. 


I have put all my efforts and energy into understanding how to build muscle naturally through exercise and nutrition and applied the science and effort in the gym to achieve a physique most people would question was natural at all (I assure you it was). This is not everyone’s goal nor should it be.  I have spent most of my adult life in the industry and throughout it I have matured and gained a greater insight and understanding of what my clients need that still ties in with their goals. 

I am honest and have a lot of integrity and will call BS on new trends or fads that are not backed up by science. I am continuously learning and searching for the latest evidence based research on training and nutrition to give myself and YOU the best chance at living a better lifestyle.

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